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Drive Your Business Better With a Directory of Garages

The toughest challenge for small business owners, such as those supplying equipment, tools, and consumables to garages and car services, is generating leads of potential customers. The limitations of being a small concern automatically mean that it is impossible for the owner to advertise in the print or on television considering the prohibitive costs of advertising. The process of cold calling is expensive, time consuming and forces one to limit the marketing exercise to a specific geographical area.

If you are a manufacturer or supplier of any or some of the large assortment of special-purpose equipment or consumables such as lifting jacks, wrenches or oils and greases that are used by garages in large quantities, it is time to lend some momentum into your sales activities. It is important to know the identities and contacts of all the potential customers so that they can be appropriately contacted. An email mailing list of garages and car services is the perfect way of quickly and inexpensively contacting decision makers who could make a substantial difference to your sales figures. Using an address database and directory of garages and car services, you can easily segment business promotion area wise and send professionally-designed email that highlights the products and services that you offer in the most attractive manner.

The number of benefits associated with using an email mailing list of garages and car services is too large for it to be ignored. This list tells you who exactly can be your target clients in the area you choose to operate. You have the liberty of sending as many email messages as you like, perhaps each focused on a particular product or service, to keep interest levels high. You can also use this list to communicate about any special offers that you are offering, including freebies or discounts. The email you send can and should include a link to your website that features all the products and services you offer so that complete information is in the hands of the customer with just a click.

Purchasing an address database and directory of garages and car services should be done with care. The first thing is to verify whether the contents of the directory meet with your requirements. If for example you are looking for a database of garages in Yorkshire, it would be of little use to get a list of car services in Surrey. You can always ask the vendor to give you a demo to establish the fact.  Ask the vendor to confirm the number of addresses and date of last verification of contacts because you would not want to be saddled with an outdated list. As a rule, try and avoid the ridiculously cheap priced mailing lists and stick to the more reputable sellers because you can be sure that you will get authentic mailing lists.


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Types of Automobile Garage Services Email Mailing List


Care need to be serviced regularly to guarantee their durability. This similarly guarantees the safety of the driver and his/her passengers. There are various types of automobile garage services that car owners can choose from. The choice of service depends on the condition of the car, and the available budget. The following are the main automobile services offered at garages.

Safety Services

This is a basic automobile service, which suits owners who have a limited budget. A safety car service may involve procedures such as engine oil replacement, oil filter replacement, checking under the car’s bonnet, inspection of hoses and belts, battery testing, and topping up of car fluids such as engine coolant. Typically, a safety service lasts up to 12 months.

Major Service

This is a more advanced automobile service, which not only costs more than a safety service but also lasts twice as long. It covers all the procedures that typify a safety service in addition to other add-on procedures such as inspecting the car’s engine management system, air filter replacement, and a diagnostic scan. Other procedures offered as part of a major car service include fault code analysis, external fuel filter replacement, and the replacement of non-platinum spark plugs.

Premium Service

This is among the most significant automobile garage services. Premium service lasts up to 36 months and involves procedures offered during safety and major services in addition to two crucial procedures. During a premium service, a car’s brake fluid needs to be checked to ensure that it is of the required density and amount. The brake fluid needs to be changed if it has particles that may corrode away parts of the braking system. Besides this, premium service entails coolant replacement.


Ultimate Service

This is a specialist procedure, which is mostly offered by accredited providers of automobile garage services. It involves everything that is done during premium, safety, and major car service. Ultimate service goes a notch higher to ensure that a car is in excellent running condition for up to four years. An ultimate service may include procedures such as engine decarbonisation, throttle body cleaning, and on-car fuel injector flush, and fuel tank additive change. This is an expensive service because it benefits last longer. So Email Mailing might work best via

Car owners are advised to only visit automobile repair shops that are proven to have competent and knowledgeable mechanics who understand the workings of different car models and makes.


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